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Be grateful with gift that life has for you

Be grateful with gift that life has for you

I’m always impressed by the ability of most people to find the negative things in any situation they are. How hard can it be to acknowledge the good things that happen to you?

When you invite a negative person to contemplate a sunrise at the sea’s shore, he will find one and another excuse for not to go. And if he dare to go, then he will notice one and another negative aspect of his decision. From waking up early, cold or heat away from his controlled temperature in his bedroom, insects, sand, sleep, work or just too lazy to get out of his comfort zone, to give thanks the simple details that brings the life.

Sometimes I feel discouraged by negative people who reject invitations to

see the good side of things, but the mission that I believe must fulfill at this time that is given to me, is the engine that drives me going without giving up.

I invite you to overcome negativity, stop the excuses aside and to contemplate at least once a month a sunrise wherever you are. Appreciate the wonder of colors that nature gives you in those minutes as the backdrop of a dark blue sky is revealed, and while the sun makes its entrance painting with nuances your morning.

See you around. 

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It is easier than it seems to be. It is simply about giving with love and sharing what we have without expecting anything in return, nothing more than the satisfaction of having given what we wanted to whom we wanted. He knows that the birds are there only because he feeds them, but his pleasure and rejoicing at being surrounded by them makes him happy. Every day at the same time in the morning, our dear friend opens a new package of rice and sits in the same place to spread it among the birds that follow him from a few streets behind. We cannot know if this keeps him alive. If it gives hem peace or gives him the tranquility he need, but while I was present there is nothing but love and happiness around him. It is difficult to see it in an image, but it is what he gives to his birds.


Yes, many people will say that he is an indigent and that he should devote himself to finding a job or that poor man have nothing else to do. But he could very well do nothing. Or, on the contrary, to frighten the birds with rage and the outburst by the evil that life has treated to him. In any case, he chooses to buy food for his birds every day with the money that is earned by begging or cleaning the windshields. He does not settle for having it for himself. He shares and lives happily with his birds. In the midst of his poverty he is a happy man with what he does and how he does it. I’m asking you now: Do you have to keep complaining about what you have? Can you give more than you give? In your life? In your job? To your family and friends? The most important thing, to yourself? 

Go out and share what you have with others, so you have nothing, share a smile, a good gesture, a hug or a pat on the back. A simple “I love you” to that person you see every day will suffice to bring the rice of happiness to their heart. 

See you around.

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