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Biography of Edwar Simal

About me

Edwar Simal

I enjoy capturing moments that seem everyday, those that sometimes go unnoticed. Just to portray the moment and try to convey what that moment means. That is the magic of photography for me.

My passion

A different path

During my childhood, I saw my father's appreciation for photography, he had different cameras and even his own darkroom, it was his lovely hobby. However, I chose a different path, studying Administration and earning three different academic degrees during the 1990s. It was in the mid-2000s that I began to follow the path of my passion. As a self-taught person, I decided to immerse myself in the art of creating images, recording light on my camera's sensor.

My dad's hobby

Edwar Simal was born in 1972 in Caracas, Venezuela. Since the mid-'70s, I have memories that my father was a lover of photography and despite not being a professional in the area, he was torn between being a banking executive and amateur photographer. He had his own cameras and even his little darkroom. I was growing, but not developing that passion for photography, after all it was just a hobby that my dad enjoyed making family photos.

Traveling: The spark of everything

Years later, while I was studying at the university, I documented family reunions and some other trips, and I must confess, I began to feel a special charm to document the events in my work, family meetings, with friends and of course the spark that activated the flame of my photographic passion: traveling.

Traveling became the perfect excuse to go out with my camera again and again. To know the world by its shapes, colors, contrasts, shadows and brightness. Discover by traveling and traveling while discovering, the best thing about being a photographer.

Patience and perseverance

Learning by myself

I started with a couple of compact digital cameras with Sony and Panasonic. After knowing its virtues in several trips, I realized that I needed something a little more advanced and I migrated to DSLR with Sony, where I stayed for a while experimenting with good photos and also making mistakes while learning

During 2010, my wife (in that year she was my girlfriend), convinced me to take formal photography classes and I enrolled in a course for beginners in Maracay, Venezuela. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time because my job at a corporation and my own businesses as entrepreneur, I could only attend one week to classes, so I took on the task of learning photography in my free time at nights as autodidact, using the internet and magazines specialized in that matter.

Having the natural ability to compose a scene, I have dedicated myself to know the techniques and equipment, tools with which composition and inspiration could highlight a moment that is embodied in the image.

Since 2015, I live in Miami Beach, USA and I use Canon DSLR.

my art


I have already participated in some exhibitions in South Florida and some of my photographs have appeared in digital and printed magazines and newspapers, they have also circulated on the social networks of many others who have been responsible for disseminating them in several cities around the world.

At present, I'm working to open my own gallery in Miami Beach. For now, my portfolio of images is available on the web and social networks.

Some spaces I have exhibited are:

  • 2019 – Muse Art Fair: The Caribbean Comes To Basel (Art Basel Week). | The Gates Hotel, Miami Beach, FL.
  • 2019 – Hispanic Heritage Doral Art Exhibit. | City of Doral Government Center, FL.
  • 2018 – Hernán Gamboa Gallery. | Humboldt University. Coral Gables, FL.
  • 2018 – Art Is a Universal Language Exhibit. | Barrio Gallery. Doral, FL.
  • 2017 – Carnaval de Barranquilla Internacional Series | City of Doral Government Center, FL.
special support and contributions


During my journey as a photographer, I have had the opportunity to do collaborative special work for foundations and also I have worked with specific entities. Some of them are:

  • Miami Symphony Orchestra – Miami, FL.
  • Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce – Miami Beach, FL.
  • Ocean Drive Association – Miami Beach, FL.
  • Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce – Doral, FL.
  • Fundación Alas USA: Carnaval Internacional de Barranquilla – Miami, FL.
  • Fundación Lazos de Amor y Sonrisas, Miami, FL.
  • The Big Serve Tennis Event – Miami Beach, FL.
  • USA Signature Events: Davis Cup – Doral, FL.

Many people ask me about my name, because Edwar should be written with “d” at the end as Edward. This was a mistake during the bird certificate registration when I was born. That makes me no unique with that name in the world because there are more people named like that, but  that makes me some peculiar.

My middle name comes from the artistic name my dad used to sign the poems that he occasionally wrote. Simón Alberto his two names became “Simal”, my middle name.

My name is Edwar Simal

Go step by step and evolve with what you do, little by little the rewards will appear as you progress. You may not have the success at the beginning but start without fears.

The most important thing is to focus and work with passion on what you want, everything will fit if you know how to work with perseverance, patience and discipline.

The best photo?

I think I have not taken it yet

It keeps me in constant search for a better shot every time I look through my lens.

© Edwar Simal - All images are protected by copyright law.
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