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Constancy is key on the road to success

Constancy is key on the road to success

Many times, we have seen a photo of a sunrise, sunset or dusk and we feel trapped by the magic moment of who transmits the emotions of the moment. Many admire the photo and they give a “like” in the social networks and that’s it, they go to the next photo. Some stop to contemplate the wonderful moment and write a commentary on what they are seeing and how it makes them feel when they see it. Very few realize everything that should have happened to make the photo look like this. Few understand the production and postproduction of that moment.

The magic of a photograph like this is composed of many factors, but one of them is the most important and some call it constancy or perseverance. While many are still in the comfort of our cozy beds, recovering energy for the new day that awaits us; Others are already prepared on stage to capture the essence of an image that will captivate you for a few minutes.

Consistency is what drives you to go ahead when everything tells you not to do it. It’s the one who pulls you while the sheets wrap you around the arms of Morpheus. It is the one that steals your hours of sleep and changes them for hours of dedication, effort and work. Persistence is the one that every day brings you closer to the achievement of your goals. Is what allowing you to bring quality to what you do and who throughout the day makes you reach the goal.

No matter what you do, or how much or little you want to achieve, constancy is what will determine your success in the proposals you have for this life that you have chosen to live. From a 5K race to a triathlon. From growing up in the company where you are employed or creating your own company. Conquer that person you like or be happy with that one you now have by your side. A new home or your first home. Learn a language or a new profession. Everything, whatever you propose you will achieve if, and only if you have constancy or perseverance in your action.

Now, what is this and how is it achieved? Do not worry, it’s easy to understand. The first thing that appears on the internet when you look for “constancy” is this: “Unwavering and continuous will in the determination to do a thing or in the way of doing it.” You must have YOURSELF UNWAVERING WILL and DETERMINATION for the magic to happen.


Nothing happens just because. You must make things happen. Go for them. Desiring, loving and working for them. Once you decide what it is you already have half the work done, now you must be constant so you can get them. If you fail to advance in the path that you chose the goal, change strategy, use a new tactic. But do not abandon the goal. You must keep going until you reach the goal. Easy? No, it’s not easy. If it were easy, everyone would. But you must keep in mind that it is not impossible.

Think and reflect. Thanks to the constancy or perseverance of many on this planet today we can fly in airplanes; to cross oceans in boats; navigate on Internet; View color photos; Enjoy television or movies; travel by cycling, car or train. Write on a computer or simply use pencil and paper. Yes dear friend … constancy made all those ideas possible and common to all of us today.

You already have a new secret unveiled: Be consistent and you will achieve success in what you propose.

See you around. 

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