Lifeguard Tower 4 St Right Side Portrait

From: $25.00

From: $25.00


Lifeguard Tower 4 St Right Side Portrait

Lifeguard Tower with vivid colors, two different tones of green as dominant colors and yellow for the details. It has a duck-tale design at the roof in the back. Located on 4st St in Miami Beach between Lifeguard Towers 1 St and 5 St. (there is not 2 St Lifeguard Tower), showing the fresh colors with two different tones of green (light and medium), and yellow. You can appreciate the duck-tale design at the upper part in the back of the lifeguard stand. You can see the double-red flag that indicates the risks in the water, because early in the morning was raining a little and there were rip currents.

This is a portrait lateral perspective from the left side of the lifeguard tower during the morning, just after the sunrise at the east side of South Beach.

Photograph of the Iconic Lifeguard Tower in Miami Beach, Florida, captured by the artist Edwar Simal Chang.

This piece of art has vivid contrast to the sparkling blue ocean and combine the Futurist Art Deco Style and the brightness colors that define Florida.

The popular structures are an expression of identity and culture not only for Miami Beach but of all Miami.

This photograph is part of the Lifeguard Tower Series Miami Beach Open Edition.

All Open Editions are digitally signed and un-numbered.

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